Polonca Lovšin: We Eat Things to Make Soil

Polonca Lovšin’s video visualizes the transformation of ordinary human objects, houses, and cities, from which fungi create the fertile soil for a new beginning.

The video is created as part of Lovšin’s artistic research Mushrooms at the End of the World (developed in collaboration with microbiologist Primož Turnšek) and was first presented at her exhibition in Ljubljana.

Co-funded by: European Union, Municipality of Ljubljana, and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia; supported by: Igor Zabel Association for Culture and Theory and KUD Obrat

Dušica Dražič: It Rains Differently – teaser 1

It Rains Differently by Dušica Dražić is a meditation on collective labour and on an imaginary that fulfils itself through the form of Forest, who is in constant creation and thus manages to endure through all changes. The film portrays the Forest as a fictional character – a transnational, political, social, and cultural collective body.

It Rains Differently is developed in collaboration with Tanja Šljivar, Mirjana Dragosavljević, Doplgenger, Hannes Boeck, Bojan Palikuća, Wim Janssen, Ivan Kaličanin, a.o.
The film is produced by Escautville, and co-produced by Out of Sight within the Forest Encounters project in partnership with Igor Zabel Association and TUGraz.
The film is co-funded by: European Union and Flemish Audio-Visual Fund; supported by: Forest Institute Belgrade, STUK, MORPHO, KAAP…