Artistic Research

Polonca Lovšin
“What Women Foresters Told Me”

Research sketches

Spotlighting women foresters, hunters, and forest owners in Slovenia, The Forest in Women’s Hands examines our relationship to forests through the question of gender. In doing so, it relies on research by the Slovenian Forestry Institute which shows that, in contrast to their male counterparts, female forest owners are more likely to prioritize the ecological and social functions of their forest land over commercial interests.

“Mushrooms at the End of the World”

Mushrooms at the End of the World is centred on fungi – organisms that connect all life on earth. Among the planet’s oldest inhabitants, fungi are found everywhere around us and even inside us. They possess incredible transformative power, turning rocks into soil, producing poisons and hallucinations, cleaning radioactive soil, and degrading crude oil and plastic. They are also vital for forests and trees, with which they exchange essential substances for survival. The artwork visualizes the transformation of ordinary human objects, houses, and cities, from which fungi create the fertile soil for a new beginning. 

Developed in collaboration with microbiologist Primož Turnšek.

The photos of the projects’ results and opening event of the exhibition Forest in Women’s Hands and Mushrooms at The End of The World can be viewed here.