Artist’s Books on the Forest

Artist’s book by Martin Kubanek

Artist’s book by Julia Hiebler

Artist’s book by Emma Berghofer

Artist’s book by Jürgen Seitlinger

Artist’s book by Livia Weidl

Artist’s book by Philipp Wilding

Artist’s book by Christoph Suppan

Artist’s book by Ronja Ragitsch

During the summer semester of 2023, Nayari Castillo-Rutz worked on a series of artist’s books on the topic of the forest with students of art education at the University College of Teacher Education Styria in Graz.

The focus of the educational process was the artist’s book as a medium to communicate a selected topic, in particular nature in the city and urban forests. The task was to create an artist’s book that visually and textually materializes the author’s investigation of the medium and the selected topic. Part of the process was the exploration of the nature and forests in and around Graz. Here are some examples of these beautiful journeys that opened a fantastic imaginary around forest story-telling.